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Alice Kate Freakley1,2 (F)
b. 1877, d. 25 February 1937

Appears on charts:
     Descendant Chart for Richard Dunford

Alice, wife of Charles Dunford, taken in 1930 at her son's wedding
     Alice Kate Freakley was born in 1877.1

Alice Kate Freakley married Charles Henry Dunford, son of Charles Henry Dunford and Elizabeth Maria Sims.1

On 25 February 1937 Alice Kate Freakley died, leaving Charles a widower.1

Alice Kate Freakley was buried in Bromley Old Cemetery, which is located in Kent.1

     Child of Alice Kate Freakley and Charles Henry Dunford:
Syd Dunford


  1. [S496] Manuscript note by Frank Montague Churchett, page of "Dunford Charles Henry"; this information appears to be from cemetery records that Frank examined.
  2. [S488] Private papers of Brian Churchett "Alice Kate's full name is entered on some Family Group Records that Frank made."

Peter Frey1 (M)

Appears on charts:
     Descendant Chart for Jacob Karl


Peter and Barbara had a daughter, Catherine, on 20 September 1823 in Wurzweiler near Rockenhausen, Donnersbergkreis, Bayern (Bavaria), Germany.2 Although Catherine was illegitimate, she was baptized in the Catholic Church; her baptismal record acknowledges both of her parents, who did later marry.2

He was a woodcutter or possibly a carpenter.3,4

On 21 May 1824, Peter Frey married Barbara Karl, daughter of Jacob Karl and Catharina Elisabeth Stollhofer, in Wurzweiler.1,5,6

     Child of Peter Frey and Barbara Karl:
Catherine Karl   b. 20 Sep 1823


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Elizabeth Fulton1 (F)
b. 1808, d. 18 January 1834

     Elizabeth Fulton was born in 1808.1

In 1833, Elizabeth Fulton married John McMillan, son of John McMillan and Rebecca Anderson, in Pennsylvania.1

On 18 January 1834 Elizabeth Fulton died in, of possibly in childbirth, leaving John a widower.1


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Guadalupe Garcia or Garza (F)
b. 15 August 1913, d. 22 February 1999

     Guadalupe Garcia or Garza was born on 15 August 1913.1

Guadalupe Garcia or Garza married Enrique Lucio.1

In April 1970, when her son Benny married Rita Karl, Mrs. Lucio was living at 1715 Pearl in Wichita Falls, Texas.2

Guadalupe Garcia or Garza died on 22 February 1999 in Wichita Falls, Texas, at age 85 of heart failure due to old age.1

     Children of Guadalupe Garcia or Garza and Enrique Lucio:
Cecilia Lucio   b. 22 Nov 1933, d. 3 Apr 1979
Beatrice Lucio   (excluded)
Bertha Lucio   (excluded)
Henry Lucio   (excluded)
Virginia Lucio   (excluded)
Richard Lucio   (excluded)
Benito Lee Lucio   (excluded)
Helen Lucio   (excluded)
Jesse Lucio   (excluded)


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Hermania Gerber (F)

     Children of Hermania Gerber and Charles Kenny:
Mary Magdalan Kenny   d. b Apr 1997
Mercedes Kenny   d. b Apr 1997
Elizabeth Kenny   d. b Apr 1997
Joe Kenny   d. b Apr 1997
Tom Kenny   d. b Apr 1997
Julan Kenny   d. b Apr 1997
Kitty Jean Kenny   (excluded)
Rita Ruth Kenny+   b. 27 Nov 1914, d. 25 Apr 1997

    Charles Austin Grable1 (M)

         Child of Charles Austin Grable and Lucy Critchfield:
    Myrtle Grable+   b. 19 Jul 1881, d. 7 Oct 1959


    1. [S208] Howard Griffith Burdge, Sprong and Allied Families 1656-1953.

    Myrtle Grable1 (F)
    b. 19 July 1881, d. 7 October 1959
    Pop-up Pedigree

    Appears on charts:
         Descendant Chart for David Henry Sprong

         Myrtle Grable, daughter of Charles Austin Grable and Lucy Critchfield, was born on 19 July 1881 in Kansas.1

    On 6 November 1901, Myrtle Grable married David Henry Sprong Jr., son of David Henry Sprong and Rachel Marie Halladay, in Effingham, Kansas.

    David and Myrtle went to California because of "the Bradens--they had been friends in Kansas, and Arthur Braden offered "Hal" a job teaching languages at Cal Christian College, where he was president. I think it was 1923. My parents (Norman and Alma Nell) were in high school at the time."2

    On 24 September 1950 her husband David died at age 79 in Los Angeles, California, leaving Myrtle a widow at 69 years old.3

    Myrtle Grable died on 7 October 1959 in Los Angeles, at age 78.4

         Children of Myrtle Grable and David Henry Sprong Jr.:
    Wilbur Laverne Sprong   b. 23 Dec 1902, d. 23 Nov 1934
    David Henry Sprong III+   b. 1904, d. 7 Jan 1978
    Alma Nell Sprong+   b. 5 Mar 1908, d. 10 May 2003
    John Grable Sprong   b. 13 Oct 1917, d. c 1997


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    Sarah Graves (F)
    b. circa 1725/26, d. 5 August 1788
    Relationship=4th great-grandmother of Cynthia Lee Sprong.

    Appears on charts:
         Pedigree for Cynthia Lee Sprong


    Sarah Graves married Jacob Ensign, son of John Ensign and Elizabeth Dickenson, in West Hartford, Connecticut. Sarah Graves was born circa 1725/26.

    Sarah Graves died on 5 August 1788 of jaundice.

         Children of Sarah Graves and Jacob Ensign:
    Lucy Ensign
    Thomas Ensign
    Jacob Ensign   b. 23 Jun 1745, d. 10 Oct 1797
    William Ensign+   b. 20 Jan 1747/48, d. Feb 1833
    Elijah Ensign   b. Jun 1756, d. 4 Mar 1810

      John Griest1 (M)


      On 13 April 1713, John Griest married Martha Baldwin, daughter of Thomas Baldwin and Mary Hart.1


      1. [S438] GEDCOM file created by Linda Smith, 28 January 2003.

      Edward Griffith1 (M)


      Edward Griffith and Katherine E. McCullough obtained a marriage license in July 1896 in Steubenville, Ohio.2

      In July 1896, Edward Griffith married Katherine E. McCullough, daughter of Charles John McCullough and Sarah Jane Jeffrey, at 1000 Franklin Street, Steubenville, Ohio.1


      1. [S452] Steubenville Weekly Gazette, 17 July 1896.
      2. [S451] Steubenville Weekly Gazette, 17 July 1896.

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