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Pedigree for Cynthia Lee Sprong

Johannis Sprongh
Gabriel Sprong
Johanna Sodalaers
Jan Sprong
Dirck J. Woertman
Gertrude/Gertruyd D. Woartman
Marretje Denyse
Garrett Sprong
Elizabeth (--?--)
John Sprong
Sarah (--?--)
David Sprong
Mary Clark
David H. Sprong
Jesse Schumacher
Susannah Schumacher
George W. Sprong
Dandridge Halladay
Rachel M. Halladay
Ann M. Carson
Dr. Aaron A. Sprong
John Roach
Eva N. Roach
Adam Knapp
Sophia E. Knapp
Eva M. B. Dressel
Cynthia L. Sprong
David Ensign
Thomas Ensign
Mehitabel Gunn
John Ensign
Hannah Shepard
Jacob Ensign
Elizabeth Dickenson
William Ensign
Sarah Graves
Caleb W. Ensign
Mary Wadhams
Horace L. Ensign
Gideon Deming III
Orpah Deming
Deborah Kellogg
Gideon D. Ensign
Abijah Parks
Lucinda C. Parks
Elene Ensign
Lemuel N. Richards
Luella Richards
Thomas Silliman
Samuel Silliman
Nancy Nielson
Nancy Silliman
Lavina Lockhart
Unknown Gender

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