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Edward Oscar Ensign (M)
b. 24 December 1847, d. 12 December 1853
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Relationship=Granduncle of Cynthia Lee Sprong.

     Edward Oscar Ensign, son of Horace Lyman Ensign and Lucinda Cecelia Parks, was born on 24 December 1847.

Edward Oscar Ensign died on 12 December 1853 in Rootstown, Ohio, at age 5.

    Edward Walter Ensign (M)
    b. 30 November 1862
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    Relationship=1st cousin 2 times removed of Cynthia Lee Sprong.

         Edward Walter Ensign, son of Edward Marshall Ensign and Emily Betsy Rand, was born on 30 November 1862 in Madison, Ohio.

      Electa Lucy Ensign (F)
      b. 14 September 1874
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      Relationship=1st cousin 2 times removed of Cynthia Lee Sprong.

           Electa Lucy Ensign, daughter of Edward Marshall Ensign and Emily Betsy Rand, was born on 14 September 1874 in Madison, Ohio.

        Electa Maria Ensign (F)
        b. 1 March 1843, d. 9 January 1932
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        Relationship=Grandaunt of Cynthia Lee Sprong.

             Electa Maria Ensign, daughter of Horace Lyman Ensign and Lucinda Cecelia Parks, was born on 1 March 1843 in Rootstown, Ohio.1,2

        Electa Maria Ensign was a farmer.

        At the time of the 1900 Census, Electa lived with her sister Harriet (Hattie); both were single women in late middle-age. She is also listed as owning her own farm free and clear of a mortgage.1

        Electa Maria Ensign died on 9 January 1932 in Bryan, Ohio, at age 88 of "chronic myocarditis". The time of death was 10 o'clock in the morning.2

        Electa Maria Ensign was buried on 12 January 1932 in Farmer, Ohio.2


        1. [S171] 1900 U.S. census, Defiance County, Ohio, population schedule, Farmer township, enumeration district 10, supervisor's district 4, sheet 2, dwellings 42/43/45, families 42/43/45, online <www.genealogy.com>.
        2. [S401] Electa M. Ensign, death certificate 6133 (registered #3).

        Electa Maria Ensign (F)
        b. 28 March 1816, d. 11 January 1886
        Pop-up Pedigree
        Relationship=Great-grandaunt of Cynthia Lee Sprong.

             Electa Maria Ensign, daughter of Caleb Wadhams Ensign and Orpah Deming, was born on 28 March 1816 in Dalton, Massachusetts.

        Electa Maria Ensign died on 11 January 1886 in Albany, New York, at age 69.

          Elene Ensign (F)
          b. 23 June 1907, d. 1 July 2003
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          Relationship=Mother of Cynthia Lee Sprong.

          Appears on charts:
               Pedigree for Cynthia Lee Sprong
               Descendant Chart for David Henry Sprong

          Elene (Ensign) Sprong
          Her college yearbook picture
               Elene Ensign, daughter of Gideon Deming Ensign and Luella Richards, was born on 23 June 1907 in Bryan, Ohio.1,2

          She graduated on 11 June 1925 from Redondo Union High School in Redondo Beach, California.3

          Elene Ensign graduated on 10 June 1929 from the University of Kansas in Lawrence, with an A.B. degree in English.4,5

          Even in her early twenties, Elene already was accomplished at handcrafts--at the age of 25 she was making quilts and a "peasant embroidery scarf". She and her friends played lots of games: solitaire, cards, croquet, checkers, bridge, pinochle, jigsaw puzzles, parchese, ping-pong, baccarat. One of her other pleasures was shopping for clothes, and she noted most of her purchases in a diary she kept from 1932 to 1935. She also went to many shows, both at the cinema and performances.6

          By January 1932, Elene was already working in Dean Stouffer's office. Her daughter Cynthia says that she does not know for sure why her mother did not complete her master's degree; Elene was working for the Dean at the same time she was studying for her master's, but in Nov 1933, a month before her marriage, she comments in her diary that she "dropped Old Eng." She does not note at any time when she completely withdrew from the program. Cynthia says that Elene intended to teach after getting her bachelor's degree, but at the beginning of the Depression there were no jobs to be had. So she took the job in the Dean's office, and then since she was working on campus decided she might as well go ahead and get a master's degree. Her daughter's guess as to why she did not finish it (she completed all the coursework--the only thing she didn't do was submit & defend her thesis) is probably that she didn't feel she needed to once she got married, and also she moved with her husband Aaron when he started working for the Civilian Conservation Corps.6,7

          On her 25th birthday, Elene commented in her diary that she was "an old maid today. Steak fry at Brown's grove--surprise birthday by Mr. & Mrs. Braden, Ruby, & Martha." (Note: at this time she and Aaron had been dating about three years, I think, and earlier in the year they had "talked about future plans".).6

          On 6 July 1932 Elene was elected vice-president of the alumni chapter of Kappa Beta. The election was held at a picnic at Mr. & Mrs. Braden's home.6

          In June 1932, Elene and her friend Ruby Peterson decided to go on a camping trip to Washington, D.C., later that summer. Aaron was "not very keen about our going" but he "feels better now" after Elene and Ruby visited him and discussed the trip (more likely, they just wore him down!).
               Elene made the following entries in her diary about the trip:
               Aug 4--Left Lawrence at 10:00 a.m. Saw U. of MO campus. Not much impressed. Camped at O'Fallon, Illinois.
               Aug 5--Left camp--7:30 a.m. Stopped for night at Hillsboro, Ohio.
               Aug 6--Left H. at 9:00 a.m. Explored Seven Coves in Ohio from ten until twelve--beautiful scenery. Camped at lovely home at Ellenboro, W. Va.
               Aug 7--Left E. at 6:00 a.m. Drove thru beautiful country--Blue Ridge Mts. are gorgeous. Visited Endless Caverns in Virginia. Camped Winchester, Va.
               Her diary entries about the trip end there.6,8

          Christmas 1932 was spent with Aaron and his family at the farm outside of Atchison. She had the following to say about the holiday:
               Dec 24--Worked in morning. Left on 12:30 bus for Leavenworth. Aaron met me there. Went to his home to church service in evening. Then home and fixed stockings for the youngsters [I think she is referring to Aaron's adopted brother and sister, Wendell & Audrey, here]. Played parchese with Mr. & Mrs. Sprong & Aaron until 12:30--To bed.
               Dec 25--To Aaron's grandparents for dinner--25 present. Aunts, uncles, cousins. Very good dinner. Roast goose, etc. Home about 3:30--played checkers until 9:30. Aaron kissed me good night that night--but not on the 24th--
               Dec 26--Went for buggy ride to Oak Mills behind old Nellie--heaps of fun--plenty of kisses on the way. Was a very sweet trip. Left on 6:30 bus for Lawrence. Arrived 9:00.6

          Elene Ensign attended KU. She completed all the coursework to achieve a master's degree but left with her husband before she was able to finish her thesis.7

          On 4 March 1933, Elene wrote in her diary, "Roosevelt takes office. Banks closed by order of Governor Landon--five per cent of deposit only could be withdrawn. Cleaned house in afternoon and washed clothes. Ironed in evening."6

          between 14 August 1933 and 20 August 1933, Elene, her sister Rhea, and her friends Ruby [Peterson] and Evelyn [Hultquist] attended the World's Fair in in Chicago, Illinois.6

          On 24 September 1933, Aaron and Elene "decided definitely to be married December 2" of that same year. For some reason, they wished to keep it a secret until after it was done from nearly everyone they knew.6

          Aaron had Elene try on her wedding ring to make sure it fit while she was at the farm for his grandparents' golden wedding anniversary celebration on 16 October 1933.6

          A month before Elene's wedding, she and her sister Rhea went shopping in Kansas City to buy her "wedding dress and pair of silk teds and slip."6

          Elene was very excited about her impending marriage, and two weeks before it, she wrote in her diary that "Aaron and I [are as] happy as two people could possibly be." The next day, she wrote that she was "so thrilled about [the] wedding I can scarcely work today."6

          On 2 December 1933, Elene Ensign married Dr. Aaron Alfred Sprong, son of George William Sprong and Eva Nora Roach, at the home of Elene's aunt Lillie Brown in Lawrence, Kansas.9,10,11

          Aaron and Elene spent their honeymoon at at Pickwick Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri.12,7

          At the time of their marriage, Aaron was living in Kansas City, and Elene was living in Lawrence and still working in Dean Stouffer's office. Aaron went to Lawrence the night before the wedding; after spending their wedding night at the Pickwick Hotel, Aaron saw Elene back off to Lawrence on the bus, and she was home by two in the afternoon. They did not get to live together for another year and a half, until Aaron received orders to go to Harrison, Arkansas.6

          On 10 December 1933 Elene Sprong received a letter from Rhea Ensign. Rhea, her older sister, had just attended Elene's wedding to Aaron the week before.
               She wrote, "Have you had a busy week? This getting married involves a good many things, doesn't it? Did you really surprise a good many people, or had the news leaked out?
               It gave me a queer feeling myself when you were being married--it seemed so strange that just a few words like those could so change the course of one's life.
               You know, I'm sure, that I am wholeheartedly wishing that you and Aaron may make a truly successful marriage and that you will have a very happy life together. You have almost everything in your favor--if you are not too impatient and if you give yourselves time enough in which to secure what you desire. You and Aaron make a fine-looking couple--life should mean a great deal more to each other now.
               Lovingly, Rhea.13"

          Elene received a calling card from one of her best friends, Alberta (Mrs. A. George Hulteen) December 1933.14,6

          Elene miscarried on 12 June 1935 in Lawrence, Kansas. She was taken to the hospital on the 12th of June. Elene wrote in her diary that "Aaron came down and was with me all thru ordeal." The next day, she was "taken to delivery room at 3:00 and all over at four. Very sore and tired out. Suffered agony." Elene remained in the hospital until 21 June, when her friends Alberta & George Hulteen took her to Aaron's parents to recover; she stayed at the farm until the beginning of July, at which time Aaron received orders to go to Harrison, Arkansas, and the two of them packed their things and set out on the 9th of July.6

          Aaron and Elene had a daughter, Marilyn Lucille, on 13 July 1938 in Sterling, Kansas.

          Shortly before Elene was due to give birth to Aaron's second child, he "had a skull fracture in the States . . . They delayed telling [Elene] about the wreck fearing it would cause a problem [with the pregnancy]." In the fall of 2002, Elene and her daughter Cynthia were in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where Cynthia recalls that they "noticed a big hospital-like building at the end of the promenade--think it is a rehabilitation center now. [Elene] said this hospital was where [Aaron] recuperated from the skull fracture. This happened while he was in the Army . . . I recall [my father] mentioning to me one time that he was very concerned that after he had the skull fracture that he might have long-term mental problems as a result."15

          Aaron and Elene had a daughter, Cynthia Lee, on 29 August 1941 in Sterling. Cynthia was born "two weeks late per the projected due date."15

          During the early 1970s, Elene's daughter Cynthia, son-in-law Pat, and granddaughter Elizabeth lived nearby in Houston, and Elizabeth would often spend the night at her grandparents' house. On these occasions, she would firmly request that her grandma sing her a song before she went to sleep at nights, and one of the favorites was "Soldier, Soldier". It's a song about a soldier being proposed to by a woman--he keeps coming up with excuses as to why he can't marry her, and she keeps circumventing them (she gets him a coat, hat, gloves, boots, etc.). In Elene's version of the song, the soldier eventually declares, "O no, sweet maid, I cannot marry thee, for I have a wife of my own." And the song ends there.16,7

          On 26 January 1984 her husband Aaron died at age 75 at Sharpview Manor in Houston, Texas, of a myocardial infarction due to arteriosclerotic heart disease, leaving Elene a widow at 76 years old. He had been quite ill for some time after a series of strokes. The time of death was 5:30 a.m; no autopsy was performed.17,18,19,20

          Elene Ensign died on 1 July 2003 in Lawrence, Kansas, at age 96.7

          Elene Ensign was buried in Round Prairie Cemetery, which is located in Leavenworth County, Kansas, She requested that her body be donated to the University of Kansas medical school.7

               Children of Elene Ensign and Dr. Aaron Alfred Sprong:
          Marilyn Lucille Sprong   (excluded)
          Cynthia Lee Sprong   (excluded)


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          Elijah Ensign (M)
          b. June 1756, d. 4 March 1810
          Pop-up Pedigree
          Relationship=3rd great-granduncle of Cynthia Lee Sprong.

               Elijah Ensign, son of Jacob Ensign and Sarah Graves, was born in June 1756 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

          Elijah Ensign died on 4 March 1810 at age 53.

            Elijah Ensign (M)
            b. 18 December 1734, d. 12 January 1793
            Pop-up Pedigree
            Relationship=4th great-granduncle of Cynthia Lee Sprong.

                 Elijah Ensign, son of John Ensign and Elizabeth Dickenson, was born on 18 December 1734.

            Elijah Ensign died on 12 January 1793 at age 58.

              Elisha Ensign (M)
              b. 29 December 1729, d. 16 May 1808
              Pop-up Pedigree
              Relationship=4th great-granduncle of Cynthia Lee Sprong.

                   Elisha Ensign, son of John Ensign and Elizabeth Dickenson, was born on 29 December 1729. Elisha Ensign was Christen on 4 January 1729/30.

              Elisha Ensign died on 16 May 1808 at age 78.

                Elizabeth Ensign (F)
                b. 21 January 1786, d. 24 November 1858
                Pop-up Pedigree
                Relationship=2nd great-grandaunt of Cynthia Lee Sprong.

                     Elizabeth Ensign, daughter of William Ensign and Mary Wadhams, was born on 21 January 1786 in Dalton, Massachusetts.

                Elizabeth Ensign died on 24 November 1858 in Madison, Ohio, at age 72.

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