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Descendant Chart for Thomas Kenefick

Thomas Kenefick
Bridget Toomey
Patrick Kenefick
Honora Kenefick
John Kenefick
Thomas Kenefick
Andy Kenefick
Bridget Dohoney
Ellen Kenefick
Mary A. Kenefick
Ellen E. Kenefick
Sarah I. Kenefick
Thomas Kenefick
Frances I. Kenefick
Hanna Kenefick
Margaret G. Kenefick
John A. Kenefick
Michael P. Kenefick
William M. Cottman
(--?--) Cottman
Mary B. Cottman
Elizabeth Cottman
George A. Cottman
John Cottman
John J. McCullough
John C. McCullough
Mary A. McCullough
Clarice A. McCullough
Thomas J. McCullough
Sara E. McCullough
Michael P. McCullough
Catherine L. McCullough
Robert F. McCullough
Anna R. Quigg
John T. Kenefick
Catherine F. Kenefick
Mary A. Kenefick
Terrence P. Kenefick
Anna E. Kenefick
Michael J. Kenefick
James J. Kenefick
Anna C. Cashman
Maurice Kenefick
Barbara Kenefick
Joseph Kenefick
Walter Hughey
William Hughey
Eleanor Hughey
Mercedes? Kenney
Mary F. Cottman
Virginia M. McConnell
John R. McCullough
Robert C. McCullough
Thomas E. McCullough
Joseph E. McCullough
Dorothy Schultz
Sheila McCullough
William McCullough
James J. Daugherty
Mary A. Daugherty
Dr. William J. Daugherty
James M. Daugherty
Raymond D. Sweeney
Richard Sweeney
Daniel R. Sweeney
John J. Sweeney
Rita R. Kenny
Mary B. McCullough
Joan M. McCullough
Michael P. McCullough
Joseph T. McCullough
James C. Holloway
James O. Holloway
Sarah C. Holloway
John P. Holloway
Anna B. Castner
Catherine A. Kenefick
Michael P. Kenefick
John T. Kenefick
Mary A. Kenefick
James Kenefick
Phillip J. Crossan
Phyllis Crossan
Phillip T. Crossan
Terence P. Crossan
Linda Crossan
Roy H. Atkins
Lisa A. Atkins
Earl A. Westfall Jr.
Dennis Westfall
John Westfall
Michelle Westfall
Margaret J. Coligure
Frances A. Kenefick
Patricia L. Kenefick
James M. Kenefick
Sean S. Kenefick
Maria M. Ebner
Maria R. McCullough
Isabel Butta
Thomas P. McCullough
Mary M. McCullough
Virginia R. McCullough
Mark J. McCullough
Rita McCullough
Brian McCullough
Marian (--?--)
Gary McCullough
Kathleen McCullough
Michael McCullough
Patrick McCullough
LuBert H. Dyce
Nancy P. Dyce
Ronald W. Dyce
William Darkett
Cynthia A. Darkett
Lynn M. Darkett
Anna J. (--?--)
William Daugherty
Ann Daugherty
Carol Daugherty
Shirley Daugherty
Michelle Daugherty
Mary R. Sudol
Susan A. Holloway
Karen M. Holloway
Valerie R. Holloway
James P. Holloway
John H. Holloway
Thomas V. Holloway
Mary T. Holloway
Michael F. Holloway
Fitzgerald J. Holloway
Deborah Huffine
Daniel O. Holloway
Bradford S. Holloway
Sara E. Holloway
Patrick DiGiacinto
Patrick P. DiGiacinto
Catherine R. DiGiacinto
Mark A. DiGiacinto
Phyllis J. DiGiacinto
Leslie A. DiGiacinto
Jeane (--?--)
Kathleen Crossan
Unknown Gender

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