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Isabella (--?--)1 (F)


Isabella (--?--) married Joshua Anderson.1

     Child of Isabella (--?--) and Joshua Anderson:
Rebecca Anderson+   b. 1790, d. 17 Feb 1812


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Jane (--?--)1 (F)


Jane (--?--) married Edward Cook.1

     Child of Jane (--?--) and Edward Cook:
Elsie Cook   (excluded)


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Julia (--?--)1 (F)


Julia (--?--) married Richard Rice Peter.1

     Child of Julia (--?--) and Richard Rice Peter:
Martha Peter   b. 22 Dec 1894


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Magdeline (--?--)1 (F)
b. June 1856

     Magdeline (--?--) was born in June 1856 in Germany.

Circa 1880, Magdeline (--?--) married Valentine Karl.1

Magdeline (--?--) immigrated in 1880 to America.

     Children of Magdeline (--?--) and Valentine Karl:
Edward Karl   b. Feb 1878
Maria Karl   b. Sep 1880
Joseph Karl   b. Sep 1882
Rosa Karl   b. Oct 1884
Frank Karl   b. Aug 1887
Emil Karl   b. Jul 1889
Andrew Karl   b. Nov 1892
Matilda Karl   b. Nov 1895


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Mary (--?--)1 (F)
d. 1 March 2005


Mary (--?--) was a nurse.1

Circa 1964, Mary (--?--) married Denis Henry Hill in England.1

Mary (--?--) attended the burial ceremony for Denis Henry Hill on 6 January 2003 at St. Paul's Church in Honiton, Devon.1,2

Mary (--?--) attended the burial of Denis Henry Hill, held on 6 January 2003, at St. Michael's Churchyard in Honiton, Devon.1,2

Mary (--?--) died on 1 March 2005 in Devon.3

     Children of Mary (--?--) and Denis Henry Hill:
Elizabeth Hill   (excluded)
Alison Hill   (excluded)


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Mary (--?--) (F)
b. October 1851
Pop-up Pedigree
Relationship=Great-grandmother of John Patrick Karl.

Appears on charts:
     Pedigree for John Patrick Karl

     Mary (--?--), daughter of (--?--) Ford and (--?--) (--?--), was born in October 1851 in New York.1

Circa 1881, Mary (--?--) married (--?--) Ford in probably New York.1

Mary appeared in the 1900 US Federal Census of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County (Cleveland Township), Ohio, enumerated 7 June 1900. She was recorded as the head of a household that also included, her sons Frank, Eugene and Arthur, her daughter Gertrude. They lived at 463 Hamilton Street, a rented home that was shared with two other families. She is indicated as having borne eight children, four of which were still living. Her marital status is given as married rather than widowed, but her husband's whereabouts are unknown.1

     Children of Mary (--?--) and (--?--) Ford:
Frank Ford   b. Jan 1887
Eugene Ford   b. Apr 1891
Gertrude Ford+   b. Feb 1896, d. 1 Nov 1918
Arthur Ford   b. Jun 1898


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Mary (--?--)1 (F)
b. December 1823

     Mary (--?--) was born in December 1823 in Ohio.

Both of her parents were born in North Carolina.1

Circa 1868, Mary (--?--) married David Sprong.1


  1. [S407] 1900 U.S. census, Woodson County, Kansas, population schedule, Belmont Township, enumeration district 183, supervisor's district 4, sheet 11, dwelling 181, family 181, online <www.genealogy.com>.

Mary Ann (--?--)1 (F)


Mary Ann (--?--) married Matthew Hood.

     Child of Mary Ann (--?--) and Matthew Hood:
James Hood   b. 12 Sep 1889, d. 1986


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Olive (--?--)1 (F)


Bert and Olive may have had a grandson Philip who in turn had a son named Johnathan Paul, born 7 February weighing 7 lbs 13-1/2 oz.2

On 28 March 1942, Olive (--?--) married Cousin Bert (--?--).1

Bert's last name, and thus Olive's married name, may be Rogers.3

Bert and Olive may also have had at least two daughters: Wendy Rogers, born 12 December 1946, and Heather Rogers, born 19 March 1944, who married an Italian in Rome on 1 December 1977.4


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Patricia (--?--) (F)
b. 1942, d. 1988

     Patricia (--?--) was born in 1942.1

Patricia (--?--) married John Thomas Kenefick, son of John Thomas Kenefick and Anna Belle Castner.

Patricia (--?--) died in 1988.1

     Children of Patricia (--?--) and John Thomas Kenefick:
Dale Kenefick   (excluded)
John Thomas Kenefick III   (excluded)


  1. [S140] Frances Hayslip, Family tree in Adobe Acrobat format, Provided by Francie to Sally Holloway, who sent it on to Pat Karl in May 2002; the most recent birth year in the document is 2000. Pat forwarded it to Elizabeth Churchett via e-mail titled "oops" on 11 May 2002..

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